What We Can Learn From Gambling In Terms Of Finance

Registering at judi online Indonesia is one way to participate in the Asian betting market. Not only do you get to play numerous exciting gambling games, you also get to enjoy and take part in the betting action that the market has to offer. Aside from this, you are certain that judi online gambling provides a safe and secure way for you to engage in gambling.

A lot of people actually consider gambling as a vice. Often times, this is true to many even among individuals who engage in gambling for entertainment or as a pastime activity. They are aware of the fact that they could potentially lose or win money when they gamble. As a vice, people think it is worth capitulating to because of the enjoyment and satisfaction it provides.

Gambling and Finance – What Can We Learn

Despite the undesirable ideas surrounding it, gambling could be an excellent channel to acquire more knowledge and understanding on finance as well as life itself. As you continue to play and become a skilled bettor or gambler, you also teach yourself to be a good investor and better manage your finances. Let’s have a look at some of the salient things you could learn about finance by engaging in online gambling.

Nothing Is Free

Most online casinos provide new players with a welcome bonus which you could redeem as soon as you make an initial deposit into your gambling account. Frequently, this is promoted as “free money.” However, this isn’t the case. As you read through the small print, there are actually various wager requirements that you need to complete before you are permitted to withdraw the bonus from your account. Reading the fine print furthermore will reveal the actual cost of the welcome bonus. In here, we learn that there isn’t actually such a thing as “free money.” When you are offered bonuses, rewards, promotional deals, or something similar to these, make certain you carefully read the fine print as there may be hidden charges or fees.

Risk Management

Risk management is probably the most valuable thing you could learn when gambling. If you would want to earn more by playing casino games, you will have to learn to manage your budget or your bankroll as well as how to effectively manage risk. By properly managing risks, you remove your reliance on luck when gambling. And with proper bankroll management, you ensure you stay within your budget and avoid being broke.

Not Every Game Is Similar

Most casino players who are new to the activity often play games that they believe are fun. However, they fail to realize that every kind of casino game offer different odds in order to win. For instance, the big wheel, which is one of the easiest casino games, are frequently designed to make huge amounts of money for the casino but actually gives the player smaller chances of winning.

Gamblers who are more experienced are able to learn which games are deemed as “fool’s bets” as well as which games offer players fair winning chances. When you learn about the different games offered by casinos, you also learn about how even the smallest changes in the game’s rules could considerably affect your winning chances. This teaches you the significance of looking into the tiny details and how they could immensely influence the potential result of a certain kind of transaction in the short- and long-term.

Today’s Consumers Consider Fintech Apps as Trustworthy

The pandemic and the need to stay quarantined prompted many people to search for mobile banking applications to use in the first 4 months of the year 2020, As the COVID-19 worsened, the demand for smooth and easy-to-use digital applications intensified; while the number of people using fintech apps have increased worldwide by more than a hundred percent.

Today, it has become apparent that consumers are becoming more trusting of fintech companies. Mainly because their apps are more focused on the delivery of satisfactory digital experience when providing the needs of mobile app users. The successful fintech companies nowadays, are in fact more keen on investing on innovations to improve their products and in instituting transparency in their services.

That being the case, these companies are well-prepared in satisfying the needs and expectations of their customers. Financial experts consider it noteworthy that decision-makers in the traditional financial industry are now embracing the use of disruptive technologies introduced by fintech companies.

Two Examples of Successful Fintech Apps that Focus on User Convenience

Below are two key players in the fintech industry who have achieved great results in their approach of focusing on user convenience and experience:

Grupo Financiero Actinver – Dinn App

While Grupo Financiero Actinver is already an established traditional bank in Mexico, the company still looked for ways to attract the new generation of customers who haven’t tried their hand at investing. The company’s marketing team recommended that the best way to achieve such a goal is to create an app that would give the smooth experience tech-savvy consumers look for in mobile banking apps.

In 2018, the company created a financial services app called Dinn, which targeted the younger generation of investors who have yet to learn how to effectively invest whatever little money they can spare. Using Google’s acquisition tools, Actinver was able to cost effectively build a financial services app designed to help the new breed of young Mexican investors.

The bank’s investing services required lower funnel actions as they reduce the number of options for their first-time investors, in terms of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Since Dinn is a digitally native financial brand, it is well positioned to meet the expectations of Mexico’s new breed of customers.

In the U.S., the most successful developer of this disruptive type of financial application is the Robinhood Markets fintech.


Greenlight is the consumer application focused on enhancing digital experience for children, by educating them early on about managing personal finances. The Greenlight app allows parents to monitor their children’s allowances and on how much they have learned from knowing the essentials of properly handling personal finances.

The company made sure that the app is greatly focused in providing user analytics, decision-making tools, and data infrastructure by harnessing Google Analytics. Moreover, observance of privacy regulations is assured as the Greenlight app was developed using Google’s comprehensive app development platform Firebase.

As a note, early success denotes that by word-of-mouth endorsements and exposure to the public, fintech apps are regarded as trustworthy. Nowadays fintech apps recommended by family members or relatives are regarded as 1.6x more reliable that those received as financial advice from other consumers,