Leaders Urging Their Citizens to Leave Ukraine as Diplomatic Efforts Seem Futile

Washington is ready to face either aggression or diplomacy from Moscow, regarding a final action of invading Ukraine as an act of war against the NATO alliances. This was the message conveyed by U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken after Western nations have alerted that a war might arise at any given moment in Ukraine. Apparently, the continuing diplomatic talks including between POTUS Joe Biden and Russian President Putin is not expected to change the current status quo.

Blinken told reporters in Fiji that If Putin wants to resolve the standoff in a diplomatic manner, Washington is more than ready to fulfil its role.

However, the US would impose swift economic sanctions if Moscow pursues its plan of invading Ukraine. Nevertheless, the US State Secretary said he hopes Putin will choose dialogue and diplomacy, because US government along with the NATO alliance are prepared if he decides otherwise.

In the meantime, the U.S and allied governments are persuading their citizens to leave Ukraine as Moscow still plans to invade the country anytime soon. Over 100,000 Russian troops have amassed around the Ukrainian border but will have to clash with NATO allies already dispersed in neighboring European countries. NATO continues to reinforce its eastern side according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. A longer presence is also being considered in the Black Sea region. U.S troops are being deployed in eastern Romania, as its show of support in upholding the security of European countries against invasions.

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Businesses, large and small, foster economic stability and growth by offering valuable services and products. It also provides taxpayer money that contributes to community health directly. Moreover, they provide jobs and strengthen the economic health of any community in which a business is located. Even if a company is headquartered in a different location, employing people in each local company contributes to the success of that region. With the wages they earn, people buy property, work, shop, and otherwise invest in the area where they live.

Taxes serve, among other things, to maintain the infrastructure of a state, city, or country. This includes roads, public transportation, bridges, tunnels, libraries, and other public buildings and services. It also includes firefighters and police officers. They benefit from the money collected from taxpayers from individuals and businesses.

Definitely, these services are vital to the positive qualities and good health of local and national residents. In a capitalist culture like that of the United States, rising sales and business growth mean the government collect more taxes. This can translate directly into better maintenance and offerings of local infrastructure and services that benefit the community.

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The success of the company as a whole has a direct impact on the global economy. At their core, companies are designed to meet a specific human need and provide trustworthy goods and services related to that need. When consumer confidence in companies falls, it will not only impact sales negatively. This distrust has repercussions and can lead to a decline in a country’s overall economy, weakening the strength of its currency and its purchasing power.

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Businesses are directly related to the economic health and well-being of the citizens of the country in which those businesses operate. Profitable businesses promote economic health, which leads to a better quality of life for citizens.